Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Hydroxyl generator in living room on hardwood floor

Hamden Home Needs Odor Control After Fire Damage Cleanup

A common need in Hamden homes after fire damage mitigation is odor control. The presence of soot particles, some smaller than the human eye can see, cause big odors and sometimes require applications such as this hydroxyl generator that neutralizes odors at the molecular level using safe UV rays.

Kitchen with stove removed and charred items on cabinet tops

New Haven Kitchen Needs Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup

The stove in this New Haven kitchen was ground zero for fire damage. SERVPRO technicians removed the stove and the charred items had not received cleaning yet. Before wiping down the cabinets and other surfaces, the techs test the residues to ensure they use the best cleaning agents. 

Fire Damage Security in New Haven

Burned out home securely boarded up by SERVPRO

After fire damage hit this New Haven property, the security of the public is a concern for SERVPRO. When hazardous conditions exist such as this, the technicians boarded up the building to stop anyone from entering the building other than authorized personnel. 

soot film over kitchen range on ceiling

Hamden Sooty Ceiling.

The grease fire was short, no damage to the hood, range, or cabinets, luckily. Our customer had a handy ABC fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink cabinet. The soot stains on the ceiling and some contents he realized was a cleaning that needed experts with the right products and tools. So, he called SERVPRO. We can wipe down the surfaces and eliminate the odors in short order.

Fire damaged kitchen, roof opened letting in light

Hamden Fire Damaged Kitchen

As is often the case, house fires start in the kitchen of Hamden homes. This grease fire from the range rapidly spread and destroyed building elements. Our SERVPRO team can tarp the roof to protect the interior from further damage, and then begin the controlled demolition as the initial cleanup process. The treatment can take some days, but we aim to satisfy our customer.

Hamden Fire in a Fire Place?

SERVPRO says to inspect your damper and flue at least once a year before the cold season arrives. Avoid soot and smoke damage to your Hamden home. Why call us to eliminate odors and stains on the walls and ceilings? But we are here if you need us.