What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

My previous tenants used salt to de-ice the walkway and must have tracked it into the house. It ruined the floor. The new tenants love the way you redid everything and so do I. Thanks!

Just transferred up here from Florida and the winters here are unbelievable! Thank you for helping me with repairing my new house and making sure winter wouldn’t be a nightmare for me.

After cleaning up the attic and spraying the antimold stuff the leaky roof might have started, you’re on my speed dial. Lovely people, pleasure to have you in my home.

Oh wow, your team rocks! You fixed all of my storm windows and I don’t have to use plastic sheeting now to keep the drafts out. My toddler loves the view!

Thanks for all your nice work fixing the 3-season room so we can use it again. The wind pushed branches through the eastern side’s glass windows and the rain that came in made it smell so terrible.

Came out right after I called and started working on the roof, removed so much debris from the trees I’m thinking about cutting them down. Glad to see the attic is now staying dry as a whistle.